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Shared Experiences

Callee has an amazing gift. I have been going to Callee for over seven years and I am always amazed by the clarity and accuracy of her readings. She has helped me with everything from relationships and health issues to recovering a lost piece of jewelry.
— Pam Powell, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
Wow . . . I didn’t wake up with that cloud of doom in my mind and over me, like I normally do. I guess you can say that I feel kind of like a cloud lifted. I’m not in a worry mode right now. Thank you so much.
— Martha Haymond, Redwood City, California
Callee’s reading left me with much deeper insight into some life issues I was dealing with and enabled me to know more clearly how to proceed. I am SO grateful!
The work we did with the emotion codes was equally valuable. I felt lighter and better almost immediately.
— Maureen Kringen, Sebastopol, California
This is the best I have felt in months and months. I am getting emotional thinking about how powerful and amazing today’s session was.
— Jenn Beach, Santa Rosa, California

About Callee


It all started when…

growing up I realized as a teenager that I just 'knew things' and I was very sensitive.  I also had a natural ability to direct beneficial energy to help others.  Much later I was introduced to Reiki energy healing, followed by learning many, many other healing modalities which all come in very handy.  I have a very full tool box of techniques that are helpful to my clients, family, friends and even furry friends. The highlights . . .

  • The Holon Method - Certified Practitioner

  • The Body/Emotion Code - Certified Practitioner

  • Access Consciousness/BARs

  • Matrix Energetics

  • Inner Diamond Healing

  • Arcing Radial Light

  • The Healing Code

  • The Sedona Method

  • The Release Technique

  • The Silva Method

  • And much more . . .


Services & Pricing


  • Intuitive Reading Session - $125

  • Emotion Code Session - $125

  • Energy Healing Session - $125

  • Combination Session - $190

  • Distance Healing Session - $95


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